Uniquely Suited To Different Tastes

The area of Clearview Township, Ontario has some wonderful places to shop, eat and enjoy. If you are looking for items that are unique, local and offer something for everyone, then we at Jamie’s Main & Local would love to serve you! We are a one-stop shop for all sorts of unique items to suit your discerning tastes.


Coffee & Specialty Drinks

Beverages have a way of being far more than just a way... 

Sauces, Spices & Rubs

There are many things that you can add to a food that... 

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    Starting in childhood, many people develop a love for ice cream. There is something about enjoying a bowl or cone of frozen goodness. Almost everyone has a favourite flavour of ice cream and positive memories associated with a childhood ice cream outing. It is a popular comfort food enjoyed by many!

    Ice Cream is the Perfect Treat! 
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    The nature and flavour of BBQ sauces vary widely by region, and preferences vary between BBQ lovers far and wide. When it comes to BBQ, the meat is important, but the sauce can make or break the dish.

    BBQ Sauce is a Savory Treat for the Senses 
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    Coffee is a staple for many folks first thing in the morning, and it is taken very seriously by coffee lovers. There are many different types of coffee available that offer many benefits. The most well-known perk of coffee is the pick-me-up you get from caffeine that boosts energy and increases focus.

    Coffee is a Wildly Popular Morning Beverage for Good Reason